centHER Stage
CentHER Stage was launched as a means to empower women in marketing and technology with the tools and experience they need to get up on stage and share their knowledge.
Adoption Squad | Onboarding
Onboarding Campaigns
Boomerang App
UI/UX, Branding, Interaction Design
Unbounce | CRODAY
Conversion Rate Optimization Day was created at Unbounce as a day to promote virtual and in-person events that are focused on conversion marketing. More than 13,500 people registered for the event and that 4,000 attended live and about 6,000 tweets went out with the hashtag #CROday! It was a success and great for Unbounce brand awareness and placing us at the center of the CRO conversation.
Unbounce | Call To Action Conference
Branding, Art Direction, UI/UX
Unbounce | Digital Agency Day
Branding, Web Design, Interaction Design
Unbounce | Call To Action Conference
Art Direction, Illustration, Web Design
Web Design, Interaction Design, Art Direction
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